Lucija’s symbol is a dance shoe, and not just any shoe, but one in which she dances Irish stepdance. Dance has been an integral part of Lucija’s life for many years, and in recent years, in addition to the Irish stepdance, she has also been involved in historical dances, thus nurturing centuries-old dance heritage.

Lucija Biličić graduated in anthropology and museology and heritage management at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb, and completed her undergraduate studies in art history. A wide range of interests enabled her to have various professional experiences already during her studies. She worked as a guide at the Klovićevi Dvori Gallery, and worked on museum documentation at the Croatian Museum of Architecture.

She was a long-term volunteer at the Anthropological Center of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, while volunteering at festivals and various professional gatherings enabled her to develop communication skills and teamwork. She gained her first work experience after college at Link2 d.o.o. where she dealt with documentation and virtual exhibitions.

As an important part of her professional development, Lucija emphasises participation in various non-formal education programs – especially the Summer School of Museology in Kopar and the Social Innovation Practitioner program implemented by the Youth Initiative for Human Rights. It is precisely the knowledge acquired at these trainings that is extremely useful when working in Muses. She is a member of the association Interpret Croatia and the Association for Environmental Activities Nova Zora.

Working at Muses allows me to merge my two professions – people and heritage. There is no heritage without people, so heritage should not be reduced solely to its materiality, but emphasize its deeper meaning.