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Ancient muses may have been able to enjoy the peace of an ancient temple, but the life of us, the Croatian Muses, is far more dynamic. That’s why our work is full of good news that we hold to be a shame not to share.

At least it has to do with propaganda, and much more with the awareness that the work we do for the common good is pioneering, not only in Croatia. That is why for us, every novelty published here is also an invitation to celebrate together!


Meštrović’s Mark in Croatia

As a part of the "Meštrović's Mark in Croatia" project we visited Dalmatinska Zagora and recalled Meštrović's life and work.

Muses for The Buro 24/7

Dragana Lucija Ratković Aydemir talked with Tina Kovačiček about unique creative museums in Croatia.

Interview for The Glas Koncila

Dragana Lucija Ratković Aydemir about cultural heritage as a powerful driver of economy.

Community Museum in Zagreb’s Ilica street

Last week in the city of Zagreb, more precisely along its most characteristic street – Ilica, various programmes and events took place in conjunction with the Ilica Project festival...

3 of our projects in best CRO design!

No less than three projects in whose preparation and realisation we have, together with our partners, also participated, have entered the final selection of the best...
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Villa of Good Water in Lipik

Whilst doom and gloom merchants argue that wars in the 21st century will be fought over water, we show a different direction – water should be loved...