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Education / communication

Transmitting, sharing and communicating knowledge and skills is our obligation and great passion.

As pioneers of heritage management and heritage interpretation in Croatia and the surrounding area, we feel obliged to develop this sector. We inspire and encourage the creation of new cultural-tourist and development projects based on heritage through educational programs and contents, publications, lectures and events.

For us, educating means enriching and empowering the individual, the collective, the institution and the local community because people united in teams are key to the success of any heritage project.


Lifelong learning encourages personal development. Our trainings are unique opportunities for your professional growth and improvement. They are based on


We value every opportunity to pass on our knowledge and experience to a wider circle of people. It makes us


We appreciate the tangibility of the written work. By publishing professional articles, books and manuals, we strive to leave a


If you are organizing a festival, workshop, seminar or conference, you can count on us. The skills, knowledge and experience