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The collaboration with Muses on the illustrations for Medvedgrad was more than encouraging and enjoyable. This project allowed me to see my drawings in the largest format so far and I thank them for that!

Tomislav Tomić

With the Muses as always with the Muses – inspirational. Lovely and culturally conscious projects, and the process of the work itself is pleasant and full of understanding. All in all, a rare combination of top professionalism and a relaxed and positive working atmosphere.

Domagoj Blažević

Always pioneering and inspirational, I have worked for Dragana and the Muses on several innovative and successful projects. Their energy and enthusiasm is infectious!

Martin Mayhew
freelance translator

Muses are an exceptional team of young people who are a pleasure to work with. As a biologist, and at the same time a photographer and cameraman, I collaborated in an interpretation project of the natural values of our national parks and nature parks.

Goran Šafarek
biologist and photographer

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We won 2 international awards!

Our creative team is richer for two great international awards! The exhibition experiences we have carefully tailored in the Visitor