Mateja Kuka Brkić’s symbol is a ball of wool. She likes to spend her free time knitting and crocheting, thus creating unique hand-made pieces. But these skills also symbolize her love for various forms of intangible cultural heritage.

Born in Karlovac, Mateja Kuka Brkić completed her graduate university studies in art history and anthropology at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb. Participation in non-formal education programs is crucial for her personal and professional development. Mateja studied in the field of EU funds (Algebra), women’s studies (Center for Women’s Studies) and peace studies (Center for Peace Studies). She has participated in the camps of various heritage associations and initiatives. She worked as an assistant to the curatorial collective WHW and a collaborator on the project Inappropriate Monuments of the SF: ius Association. She is a member of the association SF: ius, Dragodid, Interpret Croatia and Interpret Europe.

She joined Team Muses in 2018 as a project manager. She has found her interests in the practical protection of cultural and natural heritage through its interpretation and sustainable use. For Mateja, the strengthening of local communities through participatory work, interdisciplinary cooperation and social innovation is crucial. In the field of protection and interpretation of cultural heritage, she uses the approaches of contemporary curatorial practices.

Mutual respect between the participants in the interpretive planning process is key to the successful implementation of complex projects. The dynamic cooperation between local communities, professionals of various professions and creatives greatly enriches not only the course of project development and its final form, but also all participants in the process.