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Cultural and natural heritage are one of the foundations of the development of a society that is socially sensitive and environmentally aware. That is why every heritage project is an opportunity to make our environment a better place to live today and for generations to come.

Whether it’s your interpretation center or visitor center, museum, church treasury, nature park, aquarium, castle or fort, archive or library, city, neighborhood or street, zoo or park, you’re in the right place! In collaboration, we create hand-tailored heritage experiences for all the senses.

Planning / design

The more original and authentic the idea, the more important the planning phase. Timely and comprehensive planning is the foundation for creative and inspiring design of heritage attractions and destinations.

Implementation / management

Implementation begins when the project documentation is prepared and the finances are secured. Her success rests on orchestrated teamwork. Once the project is realized, we empower the project holders in management skills.

Education / communication

Transmitting, sharing and communicating knowledge and skills is our obligation and great passion.

B2B / Partnerships

The universal value of heritage teaches us about interconnectedness. That is why, for us, partnerships are the foundation of action. They are different and arise in different circumstances.