Strategies and strategic plans make sense to us only when they are successfully implemented. Therefore, in the process of their development we include and empower all those who will be responsible for the implementation and participate in it.

We achieve this through teamwork and with the help of creatively designed workshops. Through strategic planning workshops, everyone involved recognizes the specifics of their institution, attraction or destination.

We start them in a world of ideas and desires where there is no place for censorship. From this augmented reality, we recognize priorities together, set realistic goals, and anticipate achievable tasks and budgets.

Strategic planning is applicable to:

  • cultural tourism destinations / attractions
  • cultural and heritage brand
  • museums, archives and libraries
  • ecomuseums and community museums
  • UNESCO sites
  • national parks and nature parks
  • castles and forts
  • cultural routes
  • thematic trails and routes
  • archaeological sites and parks
  • ethnoparks and ethnovillages
  • gardens, parks and gardens.

A vision without strategy and an idea of ​​how to manage creatures is like a stream that wanted to reach the ocean, but forgot that it must first become a river and dig a riverbed.