Through teamwork, we prepare project documentation according to the highest standards of various disciplines. We bring creative project teams together according to the specific sensibilities and skills needed to convey unique heritage stories and experiences.

Architectural and design solutions – space, shape, atmosphere, visual identity, multisensory experiences – are created according to the project tasks of interpretation plans.

Our project documentation for permanent museum exhibitions always has its two versions: conceptual and constructional. The conceptual documentation is also called the preliminary museological program and is supplemented by a preliminary cost estimate. The constructional documentation is also called the defined museological concept and consists of a complete museological program (detailed interpretation plan), an visual layout of an exhibition and a final cost estimate.

In the last decade, we have specialized in the preparation of documentation for heritage projects funded by EU funds.

We prepare project documentation for:

  • permanent exhibitions
  • occasional exhibitions
  • traveling exhibitions
  • a system of signaling and interpretation of thematic trails and cultural routes
  • mechanical interactive media of outdoor interpretation
  • IT and multimedia interpretation media
  • VR experiences
  • computer games
  • print media interpretation
  • theme parks and children’s playgrounds
  • souvenirs.

We start the process of creating project documentation exactly as excellent storytellers do. We are looking for ways to best convey a unique heritage story and engage the visitor with heart, mind and all the senses.