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We encourage the interest of the general public in various heritage topics because heritage without people does not exist. Follow with us reviews of incentive projects and initiatives from Croatia and the European neighborhood.

You can also participate in creating a good atmosphere, in promoting awareness of heritage preservation and its involvement in the sustainable development and everyday better life of each of us. Suggest interesting topics from your homeland or area of ​​heritage or any other humanistic interest.

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Let’s interpret natural heritage so that we love it more

Croatia is a country of exceptionally valuable natural heritage, and numerous EU funds offer funds for its protection. In order that from initial initiatives, arising from the love of nature, to successfully led and realised projects in a local community, it is necessary to

Cluster of Creative Industries – How Muses descended from Olympus

The interpretation of heritage, care of the cultural and creative identity and its connection with tourism are a part of the creative and cultural industries, today the fastest growing branch of the economy, insufficiently evaluated in Croatia.

I am the Museum

The establishment of a museum always occurs in the third person plural. But what about the demise of a museum? This occurs in the first person singular – because only...

M. Teunissen’s house of revived times

The European Association for Heritage Interpretation annually gathers experts from the field. This year’s conference was held in the historic Belgian town of ...

If Croatia was a boat…

Da je Hrvatska brod, imala bi jarbol i jedra, kobilicu i rebra, sve u svemu, bila bi to lijepa barka. Ali na mjestu gdje bi trup broda trebali obgrliti madiri, kako...