Our creative team is richer for two great international awards!

The exhibition experiences we have carefully tailored in the Visitor Centres Poklon (NP Učka) and Medvedgrad (NP Medvednica) triumphed in the gold category of the MUSE Creative Awards 2022. The permanent exhibition at the Poklon Centre was awarded another recognition, the Slovenian BigSEE Tourism Design Awards 2022!

These are prestigious awards that highlight innovative and inspiring projects from around the world. The BigSEE jury recognised our skillfully interpreted Učka heritage story as a unique creative achievement in the “Creative story and identity as experience” category, while the MUSE Creative Awards, out of over 3,000 entries, went to our exhibitions, which were rated as an unforgettable visitor experience.

In addition, in our MUSE Creative Awards category “Exhibition Experience” we share the award with prominent heritage attractions from around the world: Museum of Jewish People in Israel, Kunsthistorisches Museum, Tate Modern and National Geographic Museum.

The awards are great news for our interdisciplinary Muze team, but also for our clients, collaborators and many creatives who have been involved in creating these unique interpretation spaces.

We are grateful and proud of the success of all of us!

Together we have created unique projects, worthy of international recognition.

You can read more about how we created the award-winning exhibitions here:

For official links to the awarded projects, visit the following pages: