The protected area of the Nature Park Telašćica on Dugi Otok has finally been given a place to connect, experience, learn and have fun. The former military fort, located on a high and rocky cliff shaped by the sea for thousands of years, has been transformed into a modern interpretation and education center. It is named Grpašćak after the locality. Surrounded by a quiet bay and a breathtaking view, the center also houses three multimedia exhibitions. In creative and playful cooperation with our partners and the client, we designed them as an exciting nautical adventure.

Lake Mir, which is saltier than the sea, fascinating cliffs, naval military heritage, mysterious depths of the seabed, island life, the refuge of the South Dalmatian donkey, and centuries-old fishing tradition are some of the stories you will encounter on this voyage. By interactively exploring the interpretive content of the center, now, for the first time in one place, you can discover the details of the island’s fascinating nature and culture.

In the creative process with Nature Park Telašćica and our partners, designers from the studios Clinica, Šesnić & Turković, Revolucija dizajna and Kultura, seven years ago, we conceived interactive and multimedia exhibitions for the center. Thanks to the European Regional Development Fund and the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund, our ideas and elaborated concepts have been turned into real experiences for all visitors.

Upon entering the central building, you will encounter the phenomena of natural heritage and the centuries-old tradition of fishing on Telašćica. Here you will be invited to interact with an exhibit with a mobile fishing net. It will help you get to know the richness of the marine species of the local archipelago. In the same space, you will be able to launch a 3D mapping projection that will bring a model of Telašćica to life in front of your eyes. In a few minutes, you will witness how this protected area has changed from the last ice age until today. You will continue to play with marine fauna in an interactive underwater world whose “fish stock” you will enrich with your own drawings.

Continuing the research, by entering the space of the second exhibition, you will dive below the surface of the sea.

“Walking” on the seabed, you will get to know the wonderful underwater world. You will be amazed by the spectacular 360° view of the surrounding archipelago from which, if you are lucky, you will enjoy the game of bottlenose dolphins that inhabit this magnificent area.

Finally, at dusk, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a special experience. The projection on the dome will invite you to the path of cosmic expanses and reveal the secrets hidden in the stars.

In the third exhibition, you jump into a kind of a time machine and explore the reconnaissance of the Austro-Hungarian Navy. You will be greeted by parts of the ship and its crew, instructions on how to navigate using nautical charts, and use a compass and nautical signals. All this knowledge will serve you to win in a fun game of sinking an enemy ship. In this exhibition unit, you are also accompanied by an impressive view of the archipelago, this time through the openings of the former rifle ports because the horizon was once full of dangers for the former tenants of the reconnaissance.

In the implementation phase of the exhibition, we curated the development of the exhibition content strategically, thoughtfully and through numerous collaborations. As in all our projects, our focus is always on getting visitors interested, arousing their curiosity and feelings, but also encouraging them to meet and exchange. At the same time, the development of such complex exhibition projects is an opportunity for the creative work of a wide range of associates from the creative industries.

We are all honored and happy to work on projects that are here for the common good!

Co-Authors of the Permanent Exhibition 
Dragana Lucija Ratković Aydemir, Muze d.o.o.
Vedran Kasap, Clinica studio d.o.o.
Marko Šesnić, Šesnić&Turković d.o.o.
Goran Turković, Šesnić&Turković d.o.o.
Vladimir Končar, Revolucija dizajna d.o.o.
Igor Pauška, Kultura d.o.o.

Production of the Permanent Exhibition
Printshop d.o.o.

Primat-RD d.o.o.

Multimedia system and multimedia equipment
Audio Video Consulting d.o.o.

Multimedia applications
Novena d.o.o.

Pijole-G d.o.o.

Textual content

Audiovisual content
Ljevaonica umjetnina Akademije likovnih umjetnosti d.o.o.

Expert Associates of the Permanent Exhibition
Heritage interpretation and content development
Muze d.o.o.
Ivana Jagić Boljat, Mirna Draženović, Mateja Kuka, Iva Klarić Vujović, Melita Trbušić, Meri Vesanović, Lucija Biličić

Product design
Clinica studio d.o.o.
Ozana Ursić, Maja Jandrić

Graphic design
Šesnić&Turković d.o.o.
Andrea Šumberac, Iva Sindik

Multimedia applications
Novena d.o.o.
Ervin Šilić, Zvonimir Rakijašić, Ana Salkić, Mirena Čale, Lucija Matić, Goran Marošević, Luka Marinković, Josip Škrlec, Davorka Horvat, Goran Kuprešanin, Valentino Hrnčir, Saša Rađenović, Robert Kafka, Sabina Rendulić

Multimedia equipment and multimedia system
Audio Video Consulting d.o.o.
Edin Karamehmedović, Domagoj Janđel, Davor Mekinić, Igor Bauer, Karlo Jelačić

Marin Rakić, Damir Zurub, Ivica Lolić, German Grbin

Matej Pašalić

Animals and cliff (strmac) models
Luka Petrinjak, Karlo Gross, Maja Šimunović, Martina Vrbljanin, Tomislav Hršak, Petar Popijač, Tea Švarić, Bruno Lang

Audio recordings of bird sounds
Nenad Brkić

Animated films
Animator: Alen Vuković
Animation screenplay: Srđan Laterza
Illustrations for animated films: Klasja Habjan
Original music: Nenad Kovačić
Audio synchronisation: Projekt 6 studio d.o.o., Aleksandar Cvjetković Kajo, Andy Tomlinson

Interactive multimedia applications
Karlo Eldić, Martin Babić, Zoran Domuzin

The use of the archival material was made possible by
Archaeological Museum in Zadar
Betina Museum of Wooden Shipbuilding
The States Archives in Zadar

Authors of interpretive texts
Mirka Modrinić, Dominko Blažević, Josip Antić, Mišo Sučević, Gnosis

Proofreading of interpretive texts – Croatian
Tamara Novak, Dunja Vranešević

Translation of interpretive texts
Katarina Justin, Gnosis, Zana Šaškin, Albion

Scientific verification
Zvonimir Freivogel, Naval war history
dr. rer. nat. Andrej Dundović, Astronomsko društvo Perzeidi, Perseids Astronomical Society, Astrophysics, Vesna Petešić, Milena Ramov,
Telašćica Nature Park Public Institution, Biology, dr. sc. Dea Brunović, Croatian Geological Survey, Geology

Photo and video material of the permanent exhibitions:
Damir Žižić, Vedran Husremović

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