Diverse content in different media conveys the heritage story. Museum objects, models, interpretive texts, photographs and illustrations, audio and video together shape the heritage experience.

The content development process requires creativity and a high level of management and communication skills. We are not alone here either. We invite top experts, scientists, associates of arts and crafts to join our team, with whom we design unforgettable and effective projects. This is where the beauty of orchestrated creative work comes to the fore.

Development of museum materials and collections

Working with museum objects and collections is a job that never really ends. We look at museum objects as sources of knowledge and stories. For us, objects and collections always open a multitude of perspectives and messages, and we approach their collection, records, protection and restoration professionally and with dedication.

Textual content development

Interpretive text appears in different media: graphics, multimedia, film, animated film, VR experience. Writing, editing and fine-tuning textual content is a job in which a team of proofreaders, translators, proofreaders, including specialist scientists who determine factual accuracy, also participates.

Development of visual, audio and 3D content

Visual and audio media, 3D models and replicas help us enhance the heritage experience. With them, we often manage to convey extensive and complex processes or phenomena in a fun, engaging and stimulating way. We choose the author’s expression of the collaborators who, with their sensibility, will best emphasize the uniqueness of each heritage story.

Content development management is applicable in your:

  • museum and ecomuseum
  • visitor and interpretation center
  • permanent exhibition
  • occasional exhibitions
  • traveling exhibition
  • a system of signaling and interpretation of thematic trails and cultural routes
  • a mechanical interactive medium of outdoor interpretation
  • IT and multimedia interpretive medium
  • VR experience
  • computer game

Interpretive text is not plain text! It intrigues and attracts attention, asks questions and opens perspectives.

Interested in what we can offer for your heritage story?