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Implementation / management

Implementation begins when the project documentation is prepared and the finances are secured. Its success rests on orchestrated teamwork. Once the project is realized, we empower the project holders in management skills.

We start the implementation of the project by gathering a top team that will respond to all production requirements in a professional and expert way. By coordinating the work of all involved, we ensure the performance of all production activities within the time plan and the set budget.

We create management documents to make clients even more ready to successfully manage the interpretation infrastructure and visitor experience after implementation.

Implementation management

Successful implementation depends on well-prepared documentation and an experienced team. The roles and expertise of all involved should be clear.

Content development

Diverse content in different media conveys the heritage story. Museum objects, models, interpretive texts, photographs and illustrations, audio and video

Management plans

For successful and sustainable management of a heritage institution or project, it is important to connect and merge their cultural,

Marketing and branding

The subject of marketing is not only different products but also services, ideas and experiences. By working in the field