Successful implementation depends on well-prepared documentation and an experienced team. The roles and expertise of all involved should be clear. Cooperation and mutual understanding are the key to success.

The first step of implementation management is to check and harmonize the project documentation and budget. In the field, we coordinate, supervise and execute daily tasks, produce content and participate in connecting all parts into a final whole.

Implementation management is applicable for:

  • museum and ecomuseum
  • visitor and interpretation center
  • permanent exhibition
  • occasional exhibition
  • traveling exhibition
  • a system of signaling and interpretation of thematic trails and cultural routes
  • mechanically interactive media of outdoor interpretation
  • IT and multimedia medium of interpretation
  • VR experience
  • computer game
  • print medium of interpretation
  • theme park and children’s playground
  • souvenir.

We can do so little alone, and together a lot.
Helen Keller (1880 – 1968)
an American deaf and blind writer and activist

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