We appreciate the tangibility of the written work. By publishing professional articles, books and manuals, we strive to leave a written trace of our work, to encourage and inspire a wider circle of readers.

In the process of creating printed publications, we always think of our users, but also of our associates. We collaborate with various designers and artists in their design.

In this way we give our contribution to the development of publishing in the field of heritage, various humanities, museology and cultural tourism.

Our services in the field of publishing are applicable to:

  • museums, ecomuseums, archives and libraries
  • professional associations and networks from Croatia, Europe and the world
  • NGOs
  • UNESCO sites
  • national parks and nature parks
  • castles and forts
  • cultural routes
  • thematic trails and routes
  • archaeological sites and parks
  • ethnoparks and ethnovillages
  • gardens, parks and gardens
  • tourist destinations.

Writing is really a way of thinking – not just about feelings, but thinking about things that are different, unresolved, mysterious, problematic, or simply sweet.
Toni Morrison (1931 – 2019)
an American writer, book editor, and university professor

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