We value every opportunity to pass on our knowledge and experience to a wider circle of people. It makes us happy and inspires us to share our experiences in different professional environments, especially in working with heirs and local communities.

Participation in conferences dedicated to different scientific fields is an opportunity for all of us to exchange knowledge and expertise, network and inspire each other.

With lectures we can participate in your:

  • international conferences
  • university gatherings
  • meetings of museums, ecomuseums, archives and libraries
  • NGO programs
  • programs of UNESCO sites
  • programs of national parks and nature parks
  • programs of castles and forts
  • cultural route programs
  • archeological park programs
  • programs of ethnoparks and ethnovillages
  • programs of gardens, parks and parks
  • tourist destination programs.

Sharing our own story sharpens our ability to hear and experience the stories of others more deeply.

Interested in what we can offer for your heritage story?