Komiža is the Croatian Brest, a place where in a particularly powerful way the story of maritime heritage and the integral Mediterranean part of Croatia that is frequently mentioned begins, but so little is done to develop or promote it.

This is why we accepted the Komiža Eco-museum project and its ‘Terra Marique’ interpretation centre that should soon come to life in the Komiža Commune building, in which our director Dragana Lucija has incorporated her great experience gained both during her work in the Batana Eco-museum, as Croatia’s first modern maritime interpretation centre, and during her presidency of the Association of Mediterranean Maritime Museums. What the batana is for Rovinj, the falkuša is for Komiža.

‘Terra Marique’ is a story about three Croatian Mediterranean characteristics, which via a permanent exhibition and a themed marine wake and trail it creates a story of the navigation, the scope and the special thousand-year-old urban culture beside the sea. It is call for sailing, walking and contemplation. It is an ode to the fishermen, farmers and citizens, with the energies that in the people of Komiža tremble under the same heart.

The eco-museum in Komiža in its foundation is the first eco-museum in Dalmatia which tells the unique and inimitable story of the cultural identity of its people. The Komiža Eco-museum will become a dynamic process with which the Komiža community will preserve, interpret and manage its entire heritage. With rich and varied professional, interpretive, exhibition, educational and entertainment programmes plus the lively and involved activity of the whole of the local community in its work, the Komiža Eco-museum will contribute to the preservation, valorisation and interpretation of Komiža’s specific identity.

Within the Komiža Eco-museum is the ‘Terra Marique’ Interpretation Centre as well as a network of themed routes and trails: the town route, the song route and the open sea route. In the permanent museum exhibition of the ‘Terra Marique’ Interpretation Centre a place which preserves and celebrates the overall, and especially the maritime and fishing identity of Komiža and its inhabitants, recreating it in its memory and transferring it to future generations and to all the visitors of Komiža and the island of Vis.

The eco-museum was initiated via the UNDP Coast Project, and coordinated by Ognjen Škunca.

The town of Komiža

Client representatives
Tonka Ivčević
Ognjen Škunca
Pino Vojković

Strategy, interpretation plan and concept
Dragana Lucija Ratkovic Aydemir

Joško Božanić
Sanja Buble

Ante Mardešić

Art design
Vanja Cuculić Studio Cuculić
Vedran Kasap Studio Clinica
Vladimir Končar Studio Revolucija
Zoran Košmerl Hal d.o.o.


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