With her ‘Croatian Tales of Long Ago’ Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić gave the world a special vision of life and a better community. When creating Ivana’s House of Fairy Tales we transported the magic from the pages of her book into the life of the community – those in which the imagination and creativity of the writer were conceived and inspired.
Ogulin is the town in which the characters Regoč, Potjeh, Kosjenka, the fisherman Palunko, Neva Nevičica not only live but with their energy encourage a better life for their fellow townsfolk. ‘Ivana’s House of Fairy Tales’ has won numerous awards, including the prize of the best museum exhibition in Croatia from the Croatian Museum Association. The increase in attendance from year to year is one of the indicators of its success. The jewel in the crown was the nomination for the award of European Museum of the Year (EMYA) – in 2016.

The ‘Ivana’s House of Fairy Tales’ visitor’s centre (IKB) is the second one implemented of the two new cultural-tourist products which we envisioned in the strategic plan of sustainable development of cultural tourism ‘Ogulin, the Homeland of Fairy Tales’.

The mission of ‘Ivana’s House of Fairy Tales’ is to celebrate the work of Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić, to inspire with its tales and encourage the love of reading, knowledge and creativity amongst all of its visitors. By spreading the knowledge of fairy tales, the wide extension of the literary genre, ‘Ivana’s House of Fairy Tales’ is strengthening the cultural and tourist prosperity of Ogulin, serving the active development of its town and contributing to the quality of life of its citizens. The components of ‘Ivana’s House of Fairy Tales’ are the permanent exhibition, designed on the principles of knowledge, creativity and the use of new technologies, a website, a virtual base of fairy tales and an online library, publishing activities and all-year-round creative and educational programmes and workshops for children, youngsters and adults.

In the process of making the conceptual design in 2007 (preliminary museological conception) we formed the components of ‘Ivana’s House of Fairy Tales’, established the spatial and functional layout, developed a synopsis and preliminary layout and gathered together a creative team of co-authors and a team of collaborators. With the co-authors and creative team in 2008 the conceptual visual form and the conceptual development of all the exhibits were established.

After making the conceptual design, we advised the client about the project management. We participated in the fundraising activities for the implementation of the project from EU funds, gave advice in the management of PR and marketing activities and presented the project to the professional and wider public at home and abroad.

On the basis of the conceptual design in 2013 we thoroughly developed the interpretive plan of the exhibition, gathered a research and scientific team and appointed the project tasks to all the members of the team. We produced and coordinated the research, writing, editing and translation of the interpretive texts, scripts and synopses for all the graphics, illustrations and multimedia content of the exhibition. We kept a book of the implementation of the permanent exhibition and followed every phase in the production of the contents.

And finally, we produced a study about the possibilities of the development of souvenirs of ‘Ivana’s House of Fairy Tales’ and a strategic plan of the development of ‘Ivana’s House of Fairy Tales’ for the period 2014 – 2020.


Tourist Board of Ogulin

Dragana Lucija Ratković Aydemir
Vanja Cuculić
Vladimir Končar

Interpretation and content development team:
Dragana Lucija Ratković Aydemir
dr. sc. Nada Kujundžić
dr. sc. Dubravka Zima
dr. sc. Marijana Hameršak
Selma Kanazir
Ivana Jagić
Mirna Draženović
Martin Mayhew
Sanja Lovrenčić
Lidija Sykora Nagy

Graphic design and illustrations team
Vanja Cuculić
Maja Draganić
Srđana Modrinić aka Booboo Tannenbaum

IT and multimedia design, production and application team
Vladimir Končar
Ana Kovačić
Ozren Crnogorac

Product design team
Vedran Kasap
Ivana Fabrio
Ozana Ursić
Tena Letica Tkalčević

Domagoj Blažević

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