Muses concluded 2019 by publishing a paper in the scientific journal “Museum International“ by ICOM (International Council of Museums) and Routledge Tylor & Francis Group. The topic of this edition was the impact of museums on local development, sustainability and well-being.

In our article “Intangible Cultural Heritage as a Catalyst for Local Development and Well-being: The case of Pleternica, Croatia“, we present how people gathering around intangible cultural heritage, as well as good cooperation with stakeholders, can have a very positive impact on the well-being of a town and of the whole local community. We introduce you to our work methodology, workshops with the local community, and data analysis. Each of these steps is important in reaching our final goal that we are still passionately working on – the Museum of Bećarac and the whole network of related projects.

The aim of this article is to encourage you to think about the power and enormous potential of the cultural heritage in terms of the development of our society!

You can find the article here.