Heritage interpretation has recently become part of the school curriculum! In cooperation with Školska knjiga, one of the largest publishing houses in Croatia, we produced a manual with which Croatian elementary school students will explore their heritage identities and spread understanding, respect and care for our heritage.

Dragana Lucija Ratković Aydemir and Iva Klarić Vujović are the authors of the manual, which is already used as a tool for teachers in conveying values and knowledge about heritage interpretation. Ivančica Knapić, head of the development of the Školska knjiga school program, knocked on our door a little less than a year ago in search of a fluid educational material in which the heritage interpretation will be the main focus. With the additional editorial eye of Jozefina Ćurković and our heritage interpretation manual as a strong foundation, we immediately got down to work and within a few months successfully produced the first heritage interpretation manual for Visual arts teachers.

We wanted to create first-hand heritage experiences, promote experimentation, creativity and intergenerational understanding, but also encourage critical thinking and teamwork.

The manual consists of a theoretical and a practical part. In the introduction, we provide a brief overview of the basic terms related to the heritage interpretation, followed by a handful of ideas, exercises and activities that explore one’s own heritage, identities, meanings, and skills on how to design a museum exhibition. Although the manual is primarily intended for art teachers, the heritage interpretation is an interdisciplinary field, so this manual can also be used by teachers of any other subject.

We thank our colleagues from Školska knjiga for the invitation and harmonious cooperation. We believe that this fun didactic material will inspire many students, encourage dialogue and spread love for heritage so that together we can build a better future for everyone!

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