Both bećarac and ganga belong to a series of European traditional tunes included in the UNESCO list of intangible heritage of mankind. It is a heritage that is inherited and passed down from generation to generation, and each new generation contributes to its wealth in its own way. We had the great honor to participate in the creation and design of a cultural route dedicated to them together with wonderful people of Pleternica and Tomislavgrad.

As special musical forms of intangible heritage in Croatia are bećarac, vocal-instrumental tune from the area of ​​Slavonia, Baranja and Srijem and ojkanje, which is called ganga in the area of ​​Western Herzegovina, but also in Tomislavgrad. Bećarac and ganga tied to the cultural route of traditional tunes stop the increasingly present loss of tradition due to the modernization of society.

Our common vision of this project is designed through interpretation plans, conceptual solutions and brand strategy. In short, we all see the Bećarac and Ganga route in the future as a successful example of preserving intangible heritage in a much wider European heritage context. The future cultural route of the Council of Europe will start from Pleternica and Tomislavgrad.

The Museum of the Bećarac and Ganga and the band of robbers are future places of celebration. Their concepts are far from the stereotype of a classical museum with glass barriers behind which stand folk costumes and a suitable musical backdrop. These are modern multimedia interpretation centers run by local people, concentric circles through which the good vibration of bećarac and ganga spreads.

„Pleternica grad je od starine,
na vratima Požeške kotline.“


“Pleternica has been a city since ancient times,
at the gates of the Požega valley. “

The permanent exhibition of the Museum of Bećarac in Pleternica will depict all the liveliness and vitality of this musical tune and its living tradition, using a wide range of multimedia possibilities to encourage visitors to interact. Because interaction is the foundation of every Bećar! Anyone who once visits the Museum of Bećarac will forever be initiated into a Bećar and invited to return to the people of Pleternica and Slavonia over and over again.

„Duvno moje, mjesto plemenito,
uvijek si mi bilo ponosito.“


“My duvno, a noble place,
I’ve always been proud of you. “

Hajduk stories are just a part of the rich exhibition of the future Museum of the Ganga and the Hajduk company located within the Tomislavgrad Cultural Information Center (KIC). This institution takes care of the rich city library, gallery and multimedia hall, and together with the Ganga Square and the band of robbers on which it is located, it will be the central heritage point.

The brand experience of a cultural route conveys a visual identity brilliantly. Through it, the substances of the two tunes and their heirs are summed up in modern visual language!

City of Pleternica
Pleternica Entrepreneurship Center
Pleternica Tourist Board
Municipality of Tomislavgrad
Cultural Information Center Tomislavgrad

People of Pleternica
Antonija Jozić
Domagoj Katić
Marija Šarić
Jasna Hoffman
Hrvoje Strmak
Marija Mitrović
Renata Matičević
Renato Brankovan

People of Tomislavgrad
Ivan Vukadin
Danijela Papić
Ivan Stanić
Ivan Majić
Stipan Dilber
Ivan Radoš
Jakov Miškić
Mirko Šorac
Iva Krajina
Petar Parlov
Marijana Petričušić
Ružica Ljubičić
Zvonimir Kelava
Marina Isak

Interpretation plans, conceptual solutions and brand strategies
Dragana Lucija Ratkovic Aydemir
Ivana Jagić Boljat

Authors of the visual identity of the cultural route



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