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Strategy and management of destinations, attractions, institutions and projects

The creation of strategies and management are key in the process of achieving any desired vision. In these processes goals are set and the attendance rate, selection and management of implementation teams are estimated, as well as the administration of financial resources.

In all phases all the most important stakeholders of the project are included (the so-called “grass-roots approach”). By imparting our knowledge we help in strengthening the competencies of the bearer of the project.

Master interpretive plan

Interpretation is an educational activity whose aim is, unlike the simple transfer of facts, the uncovering of meaning and relationships by using original objects, personal experience and illustrative media. A master interpretive plan introduces precise guidelines for leading the interpretive process, whether its goal is the planning of an interpretive infrastructure at a destination, the development of an attraction or the production of simple or complex interpretive aids or media.

A vision without a strategy and idea about how to manage a creation, is like a stream that wanted to reach the ocean, but forgot that it must first become a river and hollow out a riverbed.

Master plan

This is the comprehensive guide and management tool that leads from the preliminary idea to the realisation of a project. The master plan combines the features of a strategic plan, an institutional plan, a business plan, an interpretive plan and a plan to create the visitor's experience.

Strategic plan

The strategic plan is a clear roadmap for the optimal future of a destination, attraction, institution or individual project with clearly assigned and measurable goals and concrete tasks that should be carried out in the following three to five years in order that the stated goals are achieved.

Action plan with preliminary calculation of expenses

This is an independent and objective analysis which leads to trustworthy projections about the cooperation of all the necessary participants (stakeholders and expert collaborators), about the level of operational expenses (preliminary calculation of expenses) and about the plan of the collection of revenue (campaign of the procurement of funds), whilst with the goal of ensuring the sustainability of the project.

Do you love your homeland? Are you proud of your town? Do you want what you feel to transform into story about identity and share it with others? Send us your thoughts, your questions and suggestions and we will help you so that with our combined forces we form a unique fragment for a mosaic of the heritage of Croatia!

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