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Our services

The ancient Greek muses were not only inspirational, they gave ancient artists support and tools for shaping a better world. A modern expression, less favourable with a poetic, but significantly more pragmatic dictionary, would narrow down all these activities under the term - services. To rationally illustrate what we offer our clients to be informative and inspiring at the same time there are links to our already completed projects related to the service which we are explaining. Find out more about everything that, working with Muses, and you can create.

Strategy and management od destinations, attractions, institutions and projects

The creation of strategies and management are key in the process of achieving any desired vision. In these processes goals are set and the attendance rate, selection and management of implementation teams are estimated, as well as the administration of financial resources.

In all phases all the most important stakeholders of the project are included (the so-called “grass-roots approach”). By imparting our knowledge we help in strengthening the competencies of the bearer of the project.

To interpret means to step into the future, therefore museums, interpretation centres, and permanent and temporary exhibitions although they deal with the past are – futuristic time machines.

Organisational development of a destination, attraction, institution or project

We help new, as well as established destinations, attractions, institutions or projects, in the adaption of new surroundings and opportunities. In a joint process we development a powerful and effective system of organisation for all aspects of management: the recruitment and training of employees, community engagement, policy forming, facilitation and procedures during decision-making. We help clients in the definition and realisation of their mission, vision and set values as the basis of the realisation of new programmes.

Cultural development, interpretation and branding of a destination, attraction, institution or project

We help towns and regions in implementing and improving the use of cultural assets in various development projects, particularly in the creation of appealing tourist destinations and attractions. In these processes interpretation has a key role.

Our approach is multidisciplinary: we use the services of professionals with a high level of expertise and rich experience who function as a team, whilst our working process bases itself on the participation of all key stakeholders. The result is a programme that is devised in order to identify the activities and resources needed for the effective implementation of the agreed goals for the creation of cultural capital and the brand of cultural destinations, whilst it is communicated on the conceptual, visual and product level.

Setting up of museums and interpretation centres

We work with new as well as established cultural institutions, primarily museums, cultural and interpretation centres in order to ensure the satisfaction of the desired needs of newly-built or refurbished spaces so that they realise their potential and sustainable goals entirely.

Setting up permanent and temporary exhibitions

Each exhibition is unique and should begin with a clearly articulated philosophy of design. We begin the process exactly the way that excellent storytellers do it - searching for a way that the exhibition’s media can serve the story, to present its context and engage the visitors. Each project has its own designer’s solution – an appearance, feeling, atmosphere – which is derived from the mission of the institution who sets up the exhibition, and the presumption of success is the rich experience in the field of planning and design of an exhibition, the development of media and the choreography of the experiences of the visitors.

Do you love your homeland? Are you proud of your town? Do you want what you feel to transform into story about identity and share it with others? Send us your thoughts, your questions and suggestions and we will help you so that with our combined forces we form a unique fragment for a mosaic of the heritage of Croatia!

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