What those in professional circles call a project, we at Muses call - an adventure. The difference will immediately be clear to you. In scientific books the word project is quite poorly defined as a time specified activity with the goal to produce a single product, service or result. For us it is what we have done so far, what we are doing and what we will do many times filled with emotions.

We go into new adventures with open hearts. Each of them a conscious journey in the search for experience which is enriching and which is always located in the background of everything that we do, regardless of the diversity of subjects or regions where the adventure takes place. Whether it is about the sea or the land, tangible or intangible heritage, a boat, lacemaking, wine, oil, natural beauty – it is always about the story in which the detail tells the tale about the whole. Our work is best illustrated by the 50 plus adventure trips that we have undertaken all over Croatia so far.
Here we present 12 of our adventures, revealing them in various phases. Some of them are only conceptual designs, some have made a step further and so they are in a working form, a third have been realised, and a quarter have become an integral part of life. In this sense, that definition of a project as a time specified activity, to us doesn’t apply. We follow their stories and after we hand over their keys also thanking those with whom we also embarked on a great adventure in heritage. In doing so we are thinking of the members of local communities or the main bearers in creating new values.
We are deeply convinced that a story that is ultimately not intended for the common good, doesn’t even deserve to begin. And if a good story begins, like a fairy tale, its fruits become the property of all those who need it and love it.
lists of projects and clients

Batana Eco-museum


The local community museum dedicated to the batana, the little boat of the fishermen of Rovinj, is a milestone not only in the work of Muses but also for museological activity in Croatia.

Ogulin, the Homeland of Fairy Tales


What makes the identity of a town? How is it recognised and what is more important - how to interpret it and include it in what a destination has to offer to tourists?

Production of the Ogulin Fairy Tale Festival OGFB


The festival of fairy tales has made Ogulin a metropolis of literary genres that evolved from the stories that grandmothers used to lull their grandchildren to sleep...

Ivana’s House of Fairy Tales
visitor’s centre


With her ‘Croatian Tales of Long Ago’ Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić gave the world a special vision of life and a better community, and in the consideration of... .

Plitvice Valleys


Plitvice valleys! A million guests have stood in wonder at this national beauty. We made a step towards its validation counting not only its natural and cultural richness – from the water, forests and caves...

Eco-museum of Olive Oil

Tar - Vabriga

Istrian olives, oil and olive growers were mentioned for their excellent quality way back by the ancient Romans, and we are proud that in the sense of identity we have recognised and offered this neglected theme as the...

Eco-museum of Lace and Lacemaking


To show that the connection of something local and global creates something breathtakingly wonderful is best proven by the tradition of lacemaking which in Lepoglava is celebrating its centenary. The art of...

House of A. G. Matoš – cultural centre


“People can achieve everything, apart from a name, if they lose it.” This is how Antun Gustav Matoš, one of Croatia’s most significant personalities, wrote about...

Komiža Eco-museum


Komiža is the Croatian Brest, a place where in a particularly powerful way the story of maritime heritage and the integral Mediterranean part of Croatia that is frequently mentioned begins, but so little is done to...

Mali Sakadaš Reception Centre

Kopački Rit

Nature should definitely be experienced intuitively, however its full experience is possible only when the intuition is met with information. With this thought in mind we led a strategic consideration and an...

Birth House of the River Kupa visitor’s centre

Kupare - Risnjak

Not only do rivers have their own cradles, but they are usually forgotten or they are far from the eyes of the public. With particular joy we have corrected this...

The Forester’s House visitor’s centre

Krka National Park

Here is one more, the youngest of our successes in the consideration and interpretation of the natural beauty of Croatia. The ‘Forester’s House’ visitor’s centre in the Krka National Park opened to visitors in 2016, and...