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The muses of Antiquity may have been able to enjoy the peace of an ancient temple, however the life of the Croatian Muses, the protectresses of fine art, is far more dynamic. The search for and work on heritage demands thorough investigations, travelling and meetings, the participation at conferences in Croatia and further afield, and when it is all over there follows the monitoring of the projects that we have participated in….

Our work is packed with good news which we feel would be a shame not to share. Least of all it has to do with publicity, and much more with awareness because the work that we do is pioneering, not only in Croatia, and how the general public is denied the mass of information connected to the trends in the preservation and interpretation of heritage in the world.
Therefore the news you will be able to read here will also be overviews of the most successful projects from the European neighbourhood, interesting excerpts from interviews with global authorities concerning heritage, whether it be cultural, natural, tangible or intangible, as well as the activities of institutions which deal with it.
In creating a good atmosphere, in promoting the awareness of the preservation of heritage and its inclusion in the offer to tourists and the betterment of everyday life, you too can participate by forwarding interesting facts or stories from your homeland or things that you have found especially interesting on one of your trips. Contact us!
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