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Setting up of museums and interpretation centres

We work with new as well as established cultural institutions, primarily museums, cultural and interpretation centres in order to ensure the satisfaction of the desired needs of newly-built or refurbished spaces so that they realise their potential and sustainable goals entirely.

Spatial strategy

A spatial strategy is the development of a programme of spatial zoning, the zoning of the access and circulation of movement and the making of systems and standards on design principles which base themselves on the complete analysis of a space for the realisation of all the needs of a museum or similar interpretation infrastructure.

Short functional report (or programme)

A short functional report (or programme) is written in the language of the user that describes all the functions of a building as well as all of its systems and facilities, it shows a flow diagram of the movement of visitors, presents the requirements of the order of neighbouring rooms and the entry of visitors and users, also including the identification of all technical variables in each room (light, humidity, filtration etc.) and their influence on all the remaining rooms in a building.

Our approach is multidisciplinary: we use the services of experts with high levels of competence and rich experience, and we all work together as a team.

Analysis of collections

The analysis of collections encompasses the quantitative and qualitative study of the contents of museum collections according to their determined groups or classifications, then the analysis of spatial requirements of the collections, also including the projections and planning of additional rooms for their future growth during a certain period of time, as well as the analysis of safety, the level of documentation and the preservation of the collections.

Strategy of the development of collections

These are the qualitative and quantitative projections of the development of collections, also including the plans of procurement, formed in consultation with the curators and administrators of museums and design according to the spatial requirements of each collection.

Design revisions

The revision of each phase of the design process is carried out in order to ensure the requirements of the functionality and sustainability for the planning of a museum.

Participation in the selection of architectural designs

This is the process for managing the process of the selection and implementation of the architectural tender for a new facility or addition to an existing building in order to ensure the selection of an architect compatible with the inspirational approach to the design.

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