Mirna Draženović

Mirna’s symbol is a fountain pen, which refers to Mirna’s love of calligraphy and dance. Mirna fell in love with the art of beautiful writing as a part of the family heritage learning from her father and grandfather, and from an early age, she has danced ballet and modern dance.

Therefore it is no surprise that she graduated in culture management studies at the ‘Baltazar Zaprešić' University of Applied Sciences. Writing her final paper on the theme of the museums of the Dugave neighbourhood, she became aware of the importance of understanding the environment and the ways in which it shapes the culture of everyday life. She directed it in the study of museology and the management of heritage and study of information science at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb. During her schooling she worked as a tourist guide, she was an assistant in marketing at VIPnet, and at the Link2 company she worked on a programme for managing museum documentation. She gained professional training at the Klovićevi Dvori Gallery.

She began working at Muses in 2013. In the office, she is particularly enthusiastic about the planning of the menu for a communal brunch.

Our country is full of wonderful stories which are patiently waiting to be recognised and told. We approach each of them with great interest and commitment. In doing so we collaborate with many professional and creative people: architects, designers, writers, storytellers, illustrators and photographers… It is indescribably stimulating to work with creative people and create new value.