Iva Klarić

Iva’s symbol is the capital of the Ionic order, the characteristics of which are grace and femininity. It represents Iva’s love of all the arts, which would direct her academic education.

Iva was born and grew up in Zagreb. After finishing high school, she enrolled in the study of management of sustainable development of tourism at VERN' University of Applied Sciences in Zagreb. She supplemented her education with studies of art history and museology at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb. In conjunction with an Erasmus student exchange programme she spent a semester at the Paul Valery University in Montpellier in France. Using this invaluable experience, she got to know the beauty of French culture and heritage and perfected her knowledge of the French language. She gained additional experience doing various student jobs, which were always closely related to cultural heritage and culture in the wider sense.

She joined the Muses team in 2016. And when she isn’t with the Muses, she plays tennis passionately.

What I love so much in our team is the mutual approach to solving challenges. When this happens we often present everything that comes to mind, without censorship, and in the end we always come to some quite surprising solutions.