Dragana Lucija Ratković Aydemir

The light, flare, torch - this is Dragana Lucija’s symbol, the founder and director of Muses, which needs no further explanation. However, to bring light or to direct it towards those dark and less-well-known parts of life and heritage is not always easy, knowledge, skill, enthusiasm and courage are required in this work. Dragana Lucija has managed to unite all of these qualities and persist in them since 2005 when she launched Muses. She did not arrive at them by chance nor easily: once finishing Zagreb’s legendary “culture” (Obrazovni centar za kulturu i umjetnost / Educational Centre for Culture and Art), she enrolled in the study of comparative literature and art history at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb. She was employed at the then Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments at the Ministry of Culture in Zagreb, and then in Poreč, where until 2004, she worked on the protection of cultural history. In 1997 she was awarded a scholarship with UNESCO for professional training in the field of the conservation and restoration of cultural assets in Poland.

In 2003, after the successful installation of a permanent exhibition of sacral heritage in Rovinj’s Franciscan Monastery, the Town of Rovinj employed her for the ‘Kuća o batani / Casa della batana / House of Batana’ project which she successfully led until 2013. This project was a turning point in her work and served as a case study for professional training at the Marcel Hicter Foundation in Brussels. In this European programme of education, in 2005, she gained a European diploma for culture management in cultural tourism, and established the first specialised boutique company for project management in culture and tourism in Croatia.

In 2009 she was elected as the president of Association of Mediterranean Maritime Museums (AMMM) whose centre is in Barcelona (a four-year mandate), and from 2010 the UNDP in Croatia employed her as an expert advisor for eco-museums in the Coast project. Since 2012 she has been managing a project of interpretation and presentation of nature for 30 investment networks of national nature parks and protected regions of the Republic of Croatia in the field of interpretation and the presentation of heritage.

She is a member of various professional associations such as Interpret Europe, AMMM, ICOM, ORACLE and EMH.

I cannot describe the pleasure of working with the Muses team who along with me consists of three young promising museologists who are specialised in individual disciplines and fields connected to heritage, museology and tourism. With my experience and knowledge, their interest, curiosity, energy, persistence and motivation for learning and work they are the vital driving force of Muses.
Dragana Lucija