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Cultural development, interpretation and branding of a destination, attraction, institution or project

We help towns and regions in implementing and improving the use of cultural assets in various development projects, particularly in the creation of appealing tourist destinations and attractions. In these processes interpretation has a key role.

Our approach is multidisciplinary: we use the services of professionals with a high level of expertise and rich experience who function as a team, whilst our working process bases itself on the participation of all key stakeholders. The result is a programme that is devised in order to identify the activities and resources needed for the effective implementation of the agreed goals for the creation of cultural capital and the brand of cultural destinations, whilst it is communicated on the conceptual, visual and product level.

Interpretive plan

Interpretive planning can be defined as the process of decision-making which combines the managerial requirements and visitors’ wishes in order to identify the most effective method of conveying the message to the target audience. The process of interpretive planning concludes in the study called an interpretive plan that develops the entire interpretive process. It is written concisely in order that everyone who participates in its implementation is able to use it. Bearing in mind that knowledge and needs change over time, the interpretive plan should be flexible, short and not overly-detailed. Nothing in it should be written in stone - it develops and is complemented with the realisation of each of its phases in the implementation process.

Our mission can be summed up in one sentence: we raise awareness and enrich the experience of Croatia, in other words European, cultural and natural heritage.

The plan of the development concept of the brand of a destination or attraction – conceptual (visionary) branding

These are the statements about the vision, mission and the mandate of a cultural experience, the attraction and destination with the definition of the managerial and spatial prerequisites in order to increase the sustainability and economic influence, and to create a distinctive and unique brand for the destination or attraction.

The visual identity of a destination or attraction – visual and product branding

Visual and product branding represents the design of the visual identity of a destination which includes a logo, typography and applications that to the client demonstrate the “life” of the visual identity in various situations by which the creation of the brand of the destination is supported.

These are maps, ranges of souvenirs, information panels and signage, the appearance of themed paths and routes, children’s playgrounds and interactive installations which serve the interpretation or marking of top-quality experiences of the cultural landscape of a destination. It is supplied in several packages: conceptual - preliminary and detailed – implementation (books of standards, books of brands).

As part of the making of the visual identity or independently we consider and prepare strategic plans of the development of a range of souvenirs.

Do you love your homeland? Are you proud of your town? Do you want what you feel to transform into story about identity and share it with others? Send us your thoughts, your questions and suggestions and we will help you so that with our combined forces we form a unique fragment for a mosaic of the heritage of Croatia!

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