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Bećarac and ganga from the library to your plate – all 5 senses included!
Two new books are coming fresh out of Muses’s oven. Both are published within the project entitled ‘Cultural Route of Becharac and Ganga’ which studies heritage valorisation in a modern and innovative manner.
Conference conclusions and importance of discussion about living with tourism
The international conference ‘Proceed with Care – Living with Tourism’ was held in Šibenik from 2nd – 5th May 2019 under the patronage of the President of the Republic of Croatia, UNESCO and the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Croatia, along with the City of Šibenik as the main partner.
Seven new interpretation centres on
the Routes of the Frankopans
Peer behind the scenes, into the Muses’ small workshop where stories for seven new centres were developed for this pioneering project of the interpretation of local heritage.
The Skill of Interpreting Heritage:
The New Look of Novi Dvori, Zaprešić
The bans need Muses too!
This is the story of Ban Josip Jelačić and the project which will not only give his residence at Novi Dvori in Zaprešić a new lookbut also make it an important bastion of heritage and a place to preserve the civilizational values of modern Europe.
Let’s interpret natural heritage so that we love it more
Croatia is a country of exceptionally valuable natural heritage, and numerous EU funds offer funds for its protection. In order that from initial initiatives, arising from the love of nature, to successfully led and realised projects in a local community, it is necessary to become well acquainted with the whole process of planning heritage interpretation.
Interpret Croatia! The Croatian Association for Heritage Interpretation
Do you love the nature of your region? Do you think that cultural heritage is used adequately? Would you like to help the local community to encourage sustainable development with its use? Find out how Muses are collaborating in the establishing of the Interpret Croatia association, by wishing to network the local legacy into the big European story. Join us!
Cluster of Creative Industries - How Muses descended from Olympus
The interpretation of heritage, care of the cultural and creative identity and its connection with tourism are a part of the creative and cultural industries, today the fastest growing branch of the economy, insufficiently evaluated in Croatia. Therefore, the linkup of Muses with the Croatian Cluster of Competitiveness of Creative and Cultural Industries (HKKKKI) has the aim that we contribute to the creation of a better and more beautiful community via the promotion of intellectual ownership, the planning of better cultural policies and the creation of new opportunities in business and in culture.
When I grew up I want to be a museologist
Ivica is 4 years old and when he grows up he wants to be a – museologist. At an age when boys want to be astronauts, pilots or at least firemen, such a choice seems unique. Ivica says that he decided about this after a visit to the Museum of Childhood in Rijeka.
Martine Teunissen’s house of revived times
The European Association for Heritage Interpretation annually gathers experts from the field. This year’s conference was held in the historic Belgian town of Mechelen where the main theme of the gathering was ‘Heritage interpretation for the future of Europe’, and a special lecture was held for us by Martine, a lady direct from the 19th century.
If Croatia was a boat...
If Croatia was a boat, it would have a mast and sails, keel and ribs, all in all, it would be a beautiful little boat. However, in the place where the planks should embrace the hull of the boat, as a poet says: "kroz buže vitar piri" (“through the holes the wind blows”). This floating metaphor with holes in the panelling has no link to politics, it is also not an allegory, because it refers to – maritime heritage.
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