While the Krka, the karst beauty that flows into the sea at Šibenik, awakens excitement and questions in visitors, the exhibition in the former forester’s house offers explanations and gives an account about the intertwinement of life in the water and on the land. The coexistence of these two eco-systems is a call to man to not disturb them. What’s more, our interpretation in the ‘Forester’s House’ wishes to inspire visitors to make a vow to the protection of nature, which is one more approach of which we, as pioneers, have introduced in Croatia.

The ‘Forester’s House’ visitor’s centre, located in the picturesque valley of the Krka National Park, promotes the awareness of the values and protection of forests, and in particular the indigenous forest communities of downy oak and oriental hornbeam. With an innovative and playful permanent exhibition, themed trail and children’s themed playground, the ‘Forester’s House’ invites the local population and visitors to enjoy some pleasant, fun and safe exploration and recreation on the way from Stinica at Visovac towards the Roški Slap waterfall and the Oziđana Pećina cave.

Once a real forester’s house, this place presents and interprets the indigenous types of forest eco-systems, particularly the community of downy oak and oriental hornbeam, creating a suggestive atmosphere in which contemporary man, despite his as often as not distance from it, is nonetheless permanently connected to nature. The visitor is invited to an active encounter with the exhibits and be nature’s “guardian” and “protector”, which is why a visit to the centre is particularly important and inspiring for children. The ‘Forester’s House’ primarily addresses them with its visual identity, of which the old-fashioned, curled, real “forester’s” moustache are a key part.

The realisation of the ‘Forester’s House’ project began in 2014 and the visitor’s centre opened in 2016. In the realisation we were responsible for the museological coordination of production, the development of the textual and visual content.

Ministry of Environmental and Nature Protection
Public institution Krka National Park

Client representatives
Tonči Restović
Drago Marguš
Gordana Goreta
Anita Jurković
Nataša Zaninović
Mate Bačić
Doris Banić
Ivan Šoda
Marin Malenica
Katia Župan

Dragana Lucija Ratković Aydemir
Vedran Kasap
Vladimir Končar
Vanja Cuculić
Igor Pauška

Professional associate
Lea Fujs
Zagorka Gligora Zeman
Selma Kanazir
Mirna Mazija
Zrinka Zorko
Ozana Ursić
Aleksandar Pašić
Ana Kovačić
Maja Draganić

Mirela Bielen

Dubravko Šincek
Darko Gredelj
Toni Nikolić
Nenad Jasprica
Ljiljana Borovečki Jasprica
Davor Krnjeta
Semir Maslo
Goran Šafarek
Lubomir Hlasek
Tomislav Vladušić
Neven Matočec

Author of photographs
Karmen Ratković

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