Whilst doom and gloom merchants argue that wars in the 21st century will be fought over water, we show a different  direction – water should be loved and it should be taken care of for the common good. The story of water should be shared.

This can be seen in our latest business success: on the 1st July in Lipik we held the presentation of the conceptual project of the Interpretation Centre of Thermal Springs Heritage. Why Lipik, a town in the heart of western Slavonia, a region famous for its plains that turns into hills and through whose valley the River Pakra flows?  Because Lipik is, in Europe, a unique place of “good water”. It is about springs from where water emerges with a  surface temperature of 60 degrees Celsius, enriched with healthy minerals, and which people have used since ancient times.

Lipik developed this thermal flowing wealth in the 19th century, enriching the gifts of nature through the building of bathing areas, gardens and luxury villas. In the street in which they are situated, as the first in a series is the Villa Zinka, which in our project, backed by the tourist board of the town of Lipik and the Lipik development and tourist agency LIRA Ltd, has acquired a new purpose – it will become an interpretation centre for the heritage of this town.

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