An eternal mission in a new, more communicative look. This is how the Muses’ new visual identity could be presented in one sentence. Our fundamental values have remained the same: innovation and creativity, competence and reliability. These are not just a letter of intention from long ago, which is evidenced by the multitude of successful projects and verified by the professionalism of a well-established company in practice.

How does it look when the words and ideas transform into a symbol and image, take a look at Muses’ new site. We proudly present our website with its new design, which has been created by the award-winning Manasteriotti DS studio.

When it came to the logo, it is a graphic interpretation of the letter “m” which visually represents architectural columns, symbolising a museum building. With the overlapping of the lines in the typography, it evokes multidimensionality and creativeness, and with a special visual addition, it highlights the personality of each of our employees. All of this sends the message that we see the museum, as one of the fundamental institutions of European culture, in a new playful multimedia and dynamic spirit with an accessible modern sensibility.

With it the new logo and website don’t want to just transmit a message about the company but also want to prompt the awareness of the beauty and uniqueness of Croatia. Our aim is the strengthening of the self-awareness of the values of its own heritage. We believe that this is the best way to lay the foundations for creating interesting and unusual sites that authentically interpret national heritage. In this sense, this new website is open for communication, with both existing as well as future clients. Welcome!