‘Riva of the great barque’ is the proposed title of the future Riva in Malinska. It is an example of excellence both in the field of contemporary Croatian architecture and urbanism, as well as in the field of comprehensive and innovative interpretive planning. The greatest attraction and value of ‘Riva of the great barque’ will be a visitor centre of maritime heritage with an attractive permanent multimedia exhibition.

In Malinska on Wednesday 15th February, we held a presentation of the main interpretation plan of the Riva and visitor centre in Malinska. At the beginning of the presentation local enthusiasts presented themselves – lovers of the heritage of their town – who had recognised the need to protect and present their maritime heritage, and they together with the Malinska-Dubašnica municipality invited us – Muses – in order to help them recognise the material heritage of the Riva, and then to also form a systematic plan of its interesting and innovative interpretation and presentation.

Municipality of Malinska-Dubašnica

Visual identity