Few archipelagos have changed so quite radically and intensively as the Brijuni. From Austro-Hungary to Yugoslavia to Croatia, it has also inherited a great historical legacy, which by no means has exhausted it in the recent most accentuated political dimension.

In fact due to all these complex challenges we are especially proud of the participation in the creation of the ‘Boathouse’ interpretive-educational centre in the Brijuni National Park.

The place is a meeting of natural and cultural heritage, presented using multimedia and interactive exhibitions, a kind of invitation for visitors to have fun investigating, learning and spreading knowledge about the uniqueness of this national park.

The fact that it will in this way raise awareness of the role of the Public Institution of the Brijuni National Park in the wide European network of protected areas NATURA 2000 and recognise the significance of our park for the conservation of biodiversity, will be best pledge of the common future.