We are proud Erasmus+ partners of one of the most modern cultural institutions in Poland, Muzeum Józefa Piłsudskiego w Sulejówku! During the past year, we educated over 30 curators, guides and educators from the partner museum through certified courses on the topic of heritage interpretation. Our months-long collaboration was marked by an active exchange of perspectives and knowledge, and the adopted principles of heritage interpretation significantly enriched the work of this distinguished Polish institution and the interpretation of important figures and events of Polish history.


“Touching hearts, inspiring minds and having opportunity to meet wonderful people!”

These are the words Wojciech Wróblewski used to describe his experience after -participating in the first of three Erasmus+ courses that we organized in Croatia for our partners from Poland. The participants were guided by experienced educators: our Iva Klarić Vujović and Ivana Jagić Boljat. According to the Interpret Europe methodology, they successfully conducted a total of 3 certified courses in Zagreb and Ogulin: two for guide interpreters and one for interpretation writing. Through a series of practical and challenging tasks, the participants successfully honed their interpretation skills, while teamwork encouraged the emergence of new friendships, innovative solutions and a more cohesive museum collective.

Our partnership with Muzeum Józef Piłsudskiego culminated in a recent international conference in Poland, where we had the honor of giving three lectures on heritage interpretation to an audience of Polish and international cultural experts. As part of the conference, we were given an exclusive opportunity to peek behind the scenes of the Piłsudski Museum, with the special guidance of museum staff. We explored the permanent exhibitions, office spaces, archives and educational spaces, which gave us a deeper insight into all aspects of the work of this impressive cultural institution.

„We are grateful to Muze / Muses for their professionalism, hospitality and excellent atmosphere of cooperation. Our partnership not only allowed us to improve the competences of our staff, but to build a very good relationship between our organisations and develop international friendships.”

– Robert Andrzejczyk, director of the Muzeum Józef Piłsudskiego

We commend our Polish partner for their outstanding progress and enriching collaboration, which has greatly benefited our organization. Our prior achievements underscore the power of international cooperation and motivate us to persist in promoting heritage as a foundation for mutual understanding and collaboration among nations. Together, we can reach even greater heights of success.

This work was produced with the financial assistance of the European Union. The views expressed herein can in no way be taken to reflect the official opinion of the European Union.

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