Our care for heritage is inconceivable without our clients – project holders who recognized heritage values, encouraged their initiation and persisted in their development, and numerous collaborators who accompanied us in creating innovative and creative permanent exhibitions, interpretation centers, cultural routes, themed trails. and playgrounds as well as numerous other heritage attractions. We have collaborated with a number of top designers, artists, photographers, illustrators, authors of interpretive texts, scientists, proofreaders and translators on a mutually inspiring creative work. Learn more here about how our collaborators and clients see this collaboration.

With Muses as with Muses – inspiring. Beautiful and culturally aware projects, and the work process itself is pleasant and full of understanding. All in all, a rare combination of high professionalism and a relaxed and positive work atmosphere.

Domagoj Blažević

Muses are an exceptional team of young people with whom it is a pleasure to work. As a biologist, but also a photographer and cameraman, I collaborated on a project to interpret the natural values ​​of our national parks and nature parks.

Goran Šafarek
biologist and photographer

Meticulous and dedicated work, original and distinctive design, all coordinated and connected to the smallest detail, resulted in a special, top and unique project Muse – Underground city of Paklenica located in bunkers or underground tunnels of the canyon of Velika Paklenica in Paklenica National Park.

Gordan Lukač
expert manager at the Public Institution Paklenica National Park

My collaboration with Muse has always been very pleasant and professional, and I was especially impressed by the high level of research and quality preparation of the project assignment. In addition, they always respect the expertise and creativity of their collaborators, which I highly appreciate as a designer.

Igor Manasteriotti
Graphic Designer

In the beginning there was a story about Dragana who did a crazy good thing in Rovinj (House of Batana). Then I went to Rovinj, saw how she turned an almost forgotten boat into a symbol and how the life of the whole city danced around it, not stopping between the walls of the museum, but opening new spaces from the space to the port. I wrote about it, and once you get used to the good story of following the Muses in their campaign to improve Croatia, it was pure pleasure. The invitation to work and play with them is a joy squared!

Josip Antić
freelance journalist

Our mutual friend Joško connected me with the Muses, the inspirers named Dragana Lucija, Ivana, Mirna and Iva, via internet channels. And as all good relationships start by accident, so did this one.

Muses are a true Croatian example of a successful creative and cultural community that pushes boundaries with its creative work. Working with them, I enjoyed reading interesting texts about numerous Croatian cultural, geographical and historical sights, about cities, places, their customs and people … The texts they create as part of projects in culture, art and tourism are based on their own research and therefore are a reliable source of information.

Muses approach each of their work very devotedly, passionately like an artist and intuitively like a curious child. I would not call their works projects, because much more is woven into each of them – each of their works has its fullness, true value, spirituality, even love. What they start to do, they first explore, get to know, think about, fall in love with it and then shape it in their own way – intuitively as only women already know. In other words, they approach every problem in an unexpected, fresh and new way. Sometimes I wonder how all those ideas come to mind! And therein lies the secret of their success.

When looking for creativity, forget everything else and look for Muses. They really do exist!

Lidija Vešligaj, Ph.D.
Biblioteka – a craft for proofreading and translation

Muses are always movers and inspirers. I have worked with Dragan and Muse on several innovative and successful projects. Their energy and enthusiasm is contagious!

Martin Mayhew
freelance translator

Muses as an organization and as a team are a real rarity – highly educated, professional, well organized and agile, with a deep understanding and sensitivity to creative processes, above all they appreciate a job well done. For us, cooperation with the Muses is a real discovery!

Mila Marina Burger
Filburg d.o.o.

Muses are inspiring, just as Greek mythology suggests. Anyone who has been lucky enough to work with them can testify to today’s so unusual combination of professionalism and enthusiasm that this tireless team brings to each of their projects. A partner you can only wish for, projects we can all be proud of.

Mirka Modrinić and Dominko Blažević

Working with Muses has a different dimension. In addition to being professional, expert and creative, their creation is interwoven with emotions and always develops into something more. In our joint project “World of Graševina” are truly muses and were our inspiration.

Senka Horvat
Director of the Regional Development Agency of Požega-Slavonia County

Working with many young and “different” people from the company Muze and their associates additionally inspired me to prepare the “Medvedgrad” project. Through numerous structured and yet creative workshops, informal atmosphere, great freedom of expression, a lot of humor, and always with high professionalism, we finally, with the participation of a large number of employees of the Medvednica Nature Park, jointly and painlessly reached the goal – museological exhibition in the South Tower. whose solution so far has been no reaction other than enthusiasm. We are looking forward to the soon application of the project, ie the approaching beginning of the realization of this very dear project to us in the Medvednica Nature Park, and also to the continuation of cooperation with the Muses.

Snježana Malić-Limari
Director of the Public Institution Nature Park Medvednica

Working with the Muses was, equally, a challenge and a pleasure. It was interesting to work on enriching the cultural offer of our country, I am grateful to them for that and for the trust shown.

Tomislav Tomić