Meri Vesanović’s symbol is a strong sea wave or a light breeze, depending on the weather and organizational conditions. Adaptability is a key element of her management skills. She is especially useful in the dynamic world of social networks, new technologies and cultural management in which Meri excels.

Meri has a master’s degree in Art History and Italian Language and Literature. She gained practical knowledge in the field of cultural management through her work as the gallery manager of Oris House of Architecture. Curious and eclectic in nature, during her studies she fulfills a desire for a multicultural environment by working on many international projects abroad, including an internship at the Wunderkammern Gallery in Rome.

After passing the training for the head of preparation and implementation of EU projects, she directs her interest in the mechanisms of financial support for the creation of multicultural platforms, focused on promotion of Croatian cultural heritage in the international context. She volunteers actively in the association Interpret Croatia.

Meri Vesanović is a passionate lover of plants with which, if someone does not stop her, she will gradually fill the entire surface of our office. Outside of office hours, you can often find her at karaoke.

From the first day in Muses, I felt equality and respect among my colleagues. It is fulfilling to be part of a collective in which you can be your own and at the same time progress and expand your knowledge on a daily basis through harmonious teamwork.