Melita’s symbol is a musical note! In addition to classical music, from an early age she was surrounded by folklore and customs, so the study of ethnology and cultural anthropology was a completely natural choice. In addition to teaching her the beautiful, music has shown Melita that discipline and dedicated work always pay off many times over.

Born in Novska, after graduating from high school and music high school, Melita Trbušić enrolled at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb. She has a degree in ethnology and cultural anthropology, as well as museology and heritage management. During her studies, she additionally acquired professional knowledge through volunteer work.

After graduating, she worked in a corporate environment, as a supervisor of the business sales team. After a while, Melita Trbušić no longer wanted to look at people through numbers, so she set out in search of a job in the profession. She specialized in the Museum Documentation Center. The law of attraction proved to be a real phenomenon because, from the first knowledge of the Muses, she dreamed that she would one day build a career here.

She joined team Muse in 2019 as a project manager. In her work so far, Melita has realized that the best texts of project documentation are written with Brandenburg concerts as background. She still plays her instrument – the flute, and when the inspiration comes, she also composes good bećarac. She is a member of the association Interpret Croatia. Since her student days, she has been a member and associate of the Croatian Ethnological Society. At the beginning of 2022, she became the mother of the beautiful little Anđa.

Until coming to Muses, ‘teamwork’ was just another one of my phrases. I experienced the real strength of the team in the most challenging moments when I needed the team as such the most. It is very gratifying to be surrounded by strong and creative women who empower and encourage my professional and personal growth.