Katarina’s symbol is a pencil. Writing, sketching, drawing – it’s all part of the process of researching and discovering new stories. And where better to combine the desire to explore and create than in Muses?

Katarina Juras is an ethnologist and professor of Italian language and literature. Through her studies, she was mostly interested in comparative mythology, traditional worldview and beliefs, fieldwork and professional practice focused on the heritage interpretation. She continued her education at the Postgraduate Doctoral Study of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology. She worked as a student coordinator and guide in the Klovićevi Dvori Gallery while in the civil sector, she managed cultural and educational programs, organized exhibitions, film festivals and human rights educations.

Muses‘s work attracted her even during her studies, and because of her love for heritage and its interpertation, she began to follow it with great interest. Encouraged by this, she completed the education on Interpretation of Heritage for the Development of the Tourist Product at the Polytechnic “Baltazar Zaprešić”.

The happiest by the sea, this Muse from Poreč likes to spend her free time with books and music. At the end of the work week, she calms down her mind with Japanese swordsmanship. Katarina is a member of Interpret Europe and the Croatian Ethnological Society.

Every day with Muses is an opportunity to learn, discover and explore. The pleasant and creative environment created by the Muses and the feeling of togetherness delight me from the first conversation. I look forward to every new adventure and challenge that heritage projects will put in front of us.