Light, torch, lamp – this is the symbol of Dragana Lucija, our founder and director. Bringing light or directing it towards those darker and lesser known parts of life and heritage has its challenges. Knowledge, skills, enthusiasm and courage are required in this work. Dragana Lucija managed to unite all these qualities and insist on them when she started Muses in 2005.

She did not reach them by chance: she completed her studies of Comparative Literature and Art History at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb, University of Zagreb. She then worked for ten years in the field of cultural heritage protection at the Ministry of Culture in Zagreb and Poreč.

Professional training has accompanied her from the early years of her career until today. She was awarded a UNESCO scholarship in Poland, and in 2005 she obtained the European Diploma in Management in Culture and Cultural Tourism Marcel Hicter in Brussels. Since 2020, she has been a certified heritage interpretation trainer by Interpret Europe.

She is especially sensitized to work in local communities. Working with people who come together to celebrate their heritage is her calling. Receiving and exchanging knowledge is her greatest passion, so she is a frequent guest lecturer at foreign and domestic conferences and professional gatherings.

Dragana Lucija dedicates her free time to volunteer work in national and European non-governmental organizations. From 2009 to 2013, she was the President of the Association of Mediterranean Maritime Museums (AMMM) based in Barcelona. She became a member of the Supervisory Board of Interpret Europe in 2019, and since 2020 she has been the president of the national association for heritage interpretation Interpret Croatia.

Being a pioneer in the fields of heritage interpretation, heritage management and (eco) museology in the private sector in this part of Europe is the realization of my inclinations and inspirations. But successful business for fifteen years is only possible with the support of my great team. The energy, perseverance and motivation for learning and work of my younger colleagues are vital driving forces of Muses.