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Workshop for the Museum of Bećarac in Pleternica

On Wednesday 13.12.2017 at the Pleternica business incubator – PLINK, we held the first workshop for the development of the interpretation plan and the preliminary museological programme for the future ‘Museum of Bećarac’ in Pleternica. Bećarac is a vocal or vocal-instrumental melody from the regions of Slavonia, Baranja and Syrmia listed on the UNESCO Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Mankind.

More than 20 motivated and enthusiastic stakeholders of the project attended this exceptionally positive and productive workshop. Grouped into seven teams, the participants worked on making a thematic chart of bećarac songs. Of course, this kind of special workshop could not have passed without the creation of several authentic bećarac ditties….


«Oj bećarcu kulturno nam blago Pjeva svatko što mu srcu drago»

“Hey bećarac our cultural treasure

Everyone sings what’s dear to his heart”


Authors: Marija Mitrović, Grad Pleternica; Monika Maras, Poduzetnički centar Pleternica; Barbara Rudež, Poduzetnički centar Pleternica


«Moja diko čuvaj se komarca Koji bode na trgu bećarca.»

“My dear beware of the mosquitoes

That bite on bećarac square.”


Author: Petar Čuljak, NK Slavija - footblall club, Pleternica

Photographs: Ivana Jagić

Interpretation plan

Preliminary museological programme

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