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Treasure of Lika's underground world

Caves, grottos, caverns and pits are part of the underground treasure of the planet Earth, and in most cases until recently they have not been evaluated in a way that they deserve. Therefore we are particularly proud of our work in the promotion and interpretation of the Barać caves, a natural phenomenon situated in the District of Rakovica in Karlovac County. It concerns a series of caves which this year has gained the status of a significant landscape, and to which a place of honour belongs in the history of the research of Croatian karst and speleology.

In our vision the Barać caves are a part of ‘The Route of Caves’ – a project which we have already made in the District of Rakovica, and with this plan of interpretation and experience we wish to initiate a unique architectural-urban concept in Croatia. The aim is to bring visitors closer to this area by the building of the necessary infrastructure for walkers and cyclists, to equip the area with themed trails and playgrounds, and the culmination of the planning is a Cave Museum. It will be the only such museum in this part of Europe (there are 30 listed caves in Croatia, almost 2,500 throughout the whole world) and it will not only make it a tourist attraction but also an important scientific place.

Author of the plan of interpretation and development of visitor experience

Dragana Lucija Ratković Aydemir, Muses Ltd

Expert collaborator of the plan of interpretation and development of visitor experience

Ivana Jagić, Muses Ltd

Collaborators in the making of the architectural-urban conceptual design of the space

Aleksandra Krebel Kostrenčić, Krebel and Kostrenčić Architects

Alan Kostrenčić, Krebel and Kostrenčić Architects

Darovan Tušek, Krebel and Kostrenčić Architects

Rakovica public institution

Tihana Oštrina, director

Marina Kolić expert collaborator

Kazimir Miculinić, external collaborator


Slavko Bionda

Željko Čvagić

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