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Muses on the European stage

What is European heritage and how does the Union treat it? In order to answer that question, it is necessary to take into consideration all the preserved and nurtured cultural assets from the past. European heritage is diverse, colourful and rich, and such policies must also be orientated towards its promotion.

What is common with all the efforts is the intention that natural and cultural heritage, as the immeasurable wealth of humanity, comes closer to today’s generations, and is preserved for the future.

This is also the fundamental intention of the international conference ‘Heritage Interpretation for the future of Europe’ which is being organised by the European Association for Heritage Interpretation (Interpret Europe) in May 2016 in Mechelen in Belgium, and which could not run without our participation.

Thanks to their experience in the consideration, evaluation and presentation of heritage, especially in its work with local communities, Muses will readily transfer their knowledge to other people, nevertheless they are also ready to learn from others.

Presenting the challenges that we have successfully mastered, we will once more be able to present to Europe all the abundant national heritage, as well as demonstrate our interpretive strength and solutions which were often even on a Union level new, innovative and – pioneering.

Natural and cultural heritage are the exceptional fortune of human kind and therefore need to be celebrated, presented to present generations, and preserved for those in a future. European diverse heritage is an important asset and therefore a major topic of debate in the European political arena. The interpretation of heritage turns the experience of heritage into a learning process and brings positive changes of opinions and attitudes. Another important role of heritage interpretation is to involve heritage users into active citizenship and community building. Our company will contribute to Europe’s long history of reflecting about heritage. We will actively participate in the international conference "Heritage Interpretation – for The Future of Europe" organised by European Association for Heritage Interpretation (Interpret Europe) in May 2016 in Mechelen, Belgium. There we will share our ten years of experience in heritage interpretation and work with local communities. The goal of the conference is to learn from others and to share our experiences. We will contribute to the conference by sharing our practical experiences and challenges that we have faced in our work, and we will discuss the possibilities of the further development of the interpretation of heritage in Croatia.

Do you love your homeland? Are you proud of your town? Do you want what you feel to transform into story about identity and share it with others? Send us your thoughts, your questions and suggestions and we will help you so that with our combined forces we form a unique fragment for a mosaic of the heritage of Croatia!

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