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Community Museum in Zagreb’s Ilica street

Last week in the city of Zagreb, more precisely along its most characteristic street – Ilica, various programmes and events took place in conjunction with the Ilica Project festival. As a member of the consortium of this project Muses developed the concept of the Ilica Community Museum and Interpretation Centre©which they also presented during the festival on 10th May 2017.

We are sure you’ll agree with us that it is truly promising when a project of urban revitalisation begins with a festival! This is exactly what happened on Zagreb’s Ilica street. The festive start of the Ilica Project is the first step of a wider integral project of the revival, strengthening and development of Zagreb’s neglected main thoroughfare. We implemented our contribution to the project within the range of our many years of professional activities and competencies: the planning of the interpretation and presentation of heritage and the development of alternative museological projects with the aim of the sustainable development of local communities, plus the development of sustainable and responsible, as well as highly experiential tourism.

We held a presentation in one of the abandoned and neglected premises of Ilica, which once belonged to the 'Mega - tvornica metalne galanterije’ - metal zip factory, or "cìferšlus" as Zagreb locals would say. The overlapping mechanism of one "cìferšlus" in our concept of the presented Community Museum is a symbolic act of the re-connecting of members of the community with the memory and spirit of Ilica as their living and working urban space.

The returning of the vitality and identity of a place represents the essence and method of the operation of a community museum. It represents a dynamic and pro-creative platform of the activity in the field of heritage conservation, which we want to apply in the recognition, evaluation and celebration of the spirit of place of Zagreb’s Ilica. As part of the initial workshop, together with almost twenty participants, we re-examined the proposed mandate of operations, the heritage potentials and the proposals of the interpretative infrastructure! Thereby the collective work on the set-up of the Ilica Community Museum and Interpretation Centre© began. We will keep you up to date with the activities and workshops!


Marina Paulenka



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