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Production of the
Ogulin Fairy Tale Festival OGFB

The festival of fairy tales has made Ogulin a metropolis of literary genres that evolved from the stories that grandmothers used to lull their grandchildren to sleep with into literary, film, animated and multimedia forms in which imagination creates a better world.

The festival is not only a place of recital and the coming together of artists and the public but also a centre where ideas are born, and experts ponder the metamorphosis of fairy tales. Ogulin’s celebration of fairy tales is unthinkable without the local foundations, as well as all the extensive networking on the international level.

It is not just a successful cultural-tourist product, it itself has become a fairy tale. A fairy tale of fairy tales.


The Ogulin Fairy Tale Festival (OGFB) is the first one implemented from two new cultural-tourist products which we had envisioned in the strategic plan of the sustainable development of cultural tourism ‘Ogulin, the Homeland of Fairy Tales' (study).

By celebrating fairy tales and fairytale creativity, OGFB promotes, implements and presents artistic and cultural production aimed at children, youngsters and adults who are living in their playful and creative period. The festival’s programme includes theatre, cartoons, educational workshops and music. OGFB hosts artists and arts organisations of various artistic expressions and forms, strengthening local artistic and cultural production and intercultural collaboration. For ten years already the festival has been initiating and supporting creative arts projects, organising meetings of artists and professionals and in this way connecting all collaborators and the public in the creative process. Apart from the main programme, the festival initiates cultural activities in smaller communities, in nurseries and schools of the Ogulin area and families. OGFB encourages the independence and responsibility of participants in the artistic and production process and in the asking of questions of public interest.

In the first years of the forming of this event its aim was to put Ogulin on the map of the cultural-tourist destinations of Croatia. In order that we achieved this aim, we carried out a management and consultation operation during the planning of the conception of the festival, its branding and management programme. We directed and coordinated the networking of OGFB on the local, national and international level, and also directed the PR and marketing activities. During the work our focus was always to contribute to the strengthening of the cultural competences and skills of the local members of the OGFB and the independent management of this event in the future.

Client: Tourist Board of Ogulin, Ogulin and
the ‘Ogulin Fairy Tale Festival’ Association, Ogulin

Period: 2006 – 2009

Conceptual creator and producer:

Dragana Lucija Ratković Aydemir


Karla Bačić Jelinčić, (2006 - 2009)
Aleksandra Kolić Puškarić (2010 - )

Executive director:

Ankica Puškarić (2006 - )

Artistic director:

Željko Zorica (2006 - 2008)
Mario Kovač (2009 - )

Designer and author of the visual identity:

Vanja Cuculić, Studio Cuculić Zagreb

Designer and illustrator:

Srđana Modrinić aka Booboo Tannenbaum


Domagoj Blažević

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