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House of A. G. Matoš
– cultural centre in Tovarnik

“People can achieve everything, apart from a name, if they lose it.” This is how Antun Gustav Matoš, one of Croatia’s most significant personalities, wrote about identity in his own way briefly underlining essence, not only when the skill of beautiful writing is concerned.

It is this concern about “the not losing” of names in preserving the legacy of this great writer that was our motto in the planning of a house dedicated to the life and work of a man who during his life became part of the national identity.

We haven’t imagined Matoš’s house just as a reminder, but as a starting point of a coexistence with his ideas. A memorial library, scientific meetings and workshops are intended for professionals and the local residents, whilst an interactive themed walk through Tovarnik and the Syrmia estate in a permanent exhibition are a unique combination of a living encounter of culture and tourism.


The House of A. G. Matoš – the cultural centre in Tovarnik represents a great wealth of Croatian literature and culture thanks to the legacy of one of Croatia’s greatest writers, Antun Gustav Matoš. It is conceived as a complex cultural institution which represents a key point in the reviving of Matoš’s legacy on a national level, as well as a cultural-tourist attraction that with a strong literary identity initiates the development of a cultural-tourist micro-destination for Tovarnik and this part of Croatia.

The exhibited display will lead visitors on a journey through the writer’s literary work and life, through several themed parts: Matoš’s homeland, Matoš’s travelling and Matoš today.

Besides the exhibition, the House of A. G. Matoš offers rich and varied cultural content, including the writer’s memorial-collection, a library with a reading room and a memorial library where first editions of Matoš’s book and literary works of Syrmia will be exhibited. There is also a place intended for scientific meetings, seminars, workshops and a literary club where visitors will be able to rest, a documentation centre, souvenir shop, and outside there will the 'Matoš Days’ and ‘Fair of the Written Word of Syrmia’ events, a Matoš’s Tovarnik themed route and the traditional Syrmian estate.

For this project the following documentation was prepared:
The conceptual design of a permanent layout and the equipping of the interior – project of a permanent layout
Master documentation of the development project
Strategic plan of the cultural-tourist product

Client: Antun Gustav Matoš Association of Tovarnik

Period: 2009

Author of the project idea and concept of a permanent layout and master project documentation:

Dragana Lucija Ratković Aydemir

Project leader:

Željko Anić, president of the Antun Gustav Matoš Association

Main associate:

academic Dubravko Jelčić

Creative project team:

Karla Bačić-Jelinčić, project coordinators and authors of the project documents / Muses Ltd, Zagreb
Zdenka Roša, project coordinators and authors of the project documents / Muses Ltd, Zagreb
Vanja Cuculić, designer / Studio Cuculić, Zagreb
Vladimir Končar, multimedia, Internet and IT design / Studio Revolucija, Zagreb
Goran Turković, Marko Šesnić, Bojan Drezgić, product-design / Studio Cuculić, Zagreb Zoran Košmerl, Hal Ltd, Varaždin

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